New Year, New Site?

Do you somehow get a kick out of reading my content? Are you not tired of me yet? Better yet, are you wondering where the heck I am with a new blog post? Well it’s a new year, same me, but different site.

I’m pretty psyched about my new website and it continues to be a work in progress but if you would like to read my latest antics or learn yourself something from me (yes. I meant that. It isn’t a typo.), then head over to my new blog site or don’t…



Things 2016 Has Reminded Me

It’s been great watching everyone talk about/blog about their year in review. I’ve gotten the chance to read about how so many have grown and evolved and it’s been truly inspiring. I’m so inspired that I’ve decided to talk about a few things that 2016 has reminded me of.

  1. Time.


One of the things that many, including myself, undervalue is the importance of time. Whether it is time to ourselves, time to get the ball rolling and working on making our dreams reality, or allowing the things or people that don’t really matter to us to occupy our time.


While this year has been pretty great to me, I spent most of it wasting a lot of time. When I created this blog I teetered back and forth with the idea of it. There were times I’d tell myself, “There are a kabillion (yes I said Kabillion and even spellcheck tried to correct me) other bloggers doing the same thing that I am doing, why just be another blogger/influencer?” I spent countless times convincing myself that I wouldn’t be successful at it so why bother. I look back at it now and realize I wasted a lot of time doing that and that is time that I can’t get back. Moral of the story, every minute wasted is time you can’t you can’t go back and retrieve.


  1. There are women who STILL do like to see other women win.


Yeah guys, this is still a thing. I had the chance to attend Boston Curvy Fashion Week this past summer and being there was such a great experience. It was there that I had a chance to meet and interact with other plus size bloggers, influencers, designers, models, etc. who were nothing short of encouraging. I enjoyed it so much I blogged about it here. Since that day I was reminded that there are women who share the same belief as me that, “There is room for all of us to win”.


  1. My chubbiness doesn’t stop me from shining.

Need I say more?

  1. I’m still too stubborn for my own damn good.


I am a creature of habit and can get very stuck in my own ways. Like some, I like to do things the way I know how to do it and I don’t care how efficient your way is I’m sticking to my way. Well, yeah, that doesn’t always work out so good in my favor. I’ve finally stopped shortchanging myself and I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to learn new ways to do things. I can still be a little bit stubborn but now instead of kicking the can straight down the road, I’ve decided to start kicking it up hills (just picture that image in your head for a second then maybe it’ll make sense).

5. In 2016, politics is still complete bullsh*t.


      6. My sarcasm heightens annually allowing me to laugh a lot more.


My sarcasm and assholithism (I made that word up. def. being witty and sarcastic all at once) has brought me so much happiness. I’ve allowed myself to not take everything so seriously and learned to allow life to play out how it does without worrying about the things that are out of my control.


There is so much more I can tell you that I was reminded of this year, but I have some more “New year, New me” sayings to go chuckle at.




The Curvy Coalition

“You’re too Unhealthy and Overweight to get pregnant right now”

A few months ago I hurt my knee while jogging on the track. Being the stubborn woman I am, I ignored the pain for months. I chalked it up and told myself, “whatever it’ll heal on its own.” A few falls, pain, and constant knee pops later, I went to see a doctor because the pain became dibilitating.    I’m Bianca, don’t be like me. 

Anyway, I went to the doctor. 12 sessions of Physical therapy, Orthopedic surgeon visits, $48:83?£749 in deductibles and copays, and an MRI later, I started feeling better. The interesting part about all of this, not one doctor I saw said anything about my weight being an issue. Why? Well maybe it’s because they know me. Know me well enough to know I eat pretty good, stay fairly active, and Know my history.

Let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t just wake up one morning, stood up in the mirror and saw I became fat overnight. I’ve been heavy ALL of my life. I was a fat baby, a fat toddler, a fat teen, fat before, during, and after lapband surgery (post to come on that soon), and I was fat when I was pregnant with my daughter. Guess what? I’m still fat! I get it from my dads side. So when my new Obgyn had the almighty nerve to open her booksmart with no bedside manner mouth and tell me, “You’re too unhealthy and overweight to think about getting pregnant in the next year. I think you should spend the year focusing on losing weight.” I had to do a double take. 

I wasn’t upset that she addressed my weight, I know I’m fat. I’ve been chubby all my life and learned to love myself many years ago when people used to go out of their way to fatshame me. I was livid because to her, my healthcare professional, the one who isn’t doing me a solid and seeing me for free, the one who I had to pay a copay to see and have to wait for the bill to come in and pay the damn deductible, I was just another number on the scale. Not once did she ask, “well what are your eating habits?” Or “what’s your activity level like?” Not even a, “I see you lost 15 pounds since you were last here almost two months ago to see your PCP.” She just made a ridiculous assumption that I was “unhealthy”.

 I come to you with this story as I continue to shove green beans down my throat while typing up this blog post because that’s what dinner at my house typically consist of. Maybe after this I’ll go lift some weights and do my nightly yoga and stretches because that’s the normal thing that a this “unhealthy” woman does almost every night.

With the exception of fibromyalgia I have no other health issues. It’s actually pretty funny how whenever I go see a doctor they are always shocked to discover I’m nowhere near diabetic, hypertensive, and have normal cholesterol levels.There is this predisposition that if you’re fat, you’re unhealthy. What’s interesting is that I can outrun most of my “skinny” friends in a race. So for her to make her assumption that I was “unhealthy” based on a number on a scale was pretty ignorant of her.

Needless to say, time to find a new doctor. 

Btw, the situation with this doctor is handled.

Have you had a similar experience? Share below! 

F*** You= Faux You

I hate winter! There. I said it. Keep your skii’s, snowboarding, ice skates, winter coats, snow. 

All of it. Well maybe not all of it. Snow makes for a great prop for photos sometimes and occasionally I can benefit from the cold weather and get away with wearing certain things. Like my faux leather pants.

I’m a person that gets hot easily. I hate being hot in the the summer so I turn the air conditioner on super cold. I hate being cold in the winter time so I turn the heat up super high. See how ass backwards and indecisive I can be??? I digress…. 

Anywho, I found these fat girl friendly faux leather pants while shopping and had to figure when the heck I was going to wear them. Let’s do the math 

Summertime+thick thighs+faux leather= hot crotch carry the nope!

Spring+pollen+faux leather=transition phase into lukewarm crotch and nope!

Fall+…. well damn really now excuse there.

Anyway, I’m going to choose winter because I’ve run out of excuses.

 I paired these faux leather pants from Torrid (I went a size up so I had to wear a belt) with this crop top that my husband (yes he did girl! Check him out attempting to understand my crazy and style)got me from Rue 107. Im still giving you some belly action with crop top even though it’s cold out.

And here I go creeping off to bring my cold behind back indoors.


Faux leather pants: Torrid 

Glitter box flats: Torrid

Crop top: Rue107

Clutch: Bungalow77

Earrings: gift

Baby It’s Cold Outside….. Hand Me My Shorts!

So I’ve been gone for a while. If you’re expecting an explanation as to where I’ve been, it’s not going to happen. Why? Because I don’t have it in me to type out the 95,964 reasons why I haven’t posted in a while because they’ll all just be “excuses”. Just know when you’re human, you can understand that life just happens and sometimes you need to step back and deal with life then come back strong. Not to mention, I had people cheering me on to get back to it. Now that we got that out the way….It’s unofficially winter!
So I’m a firm believer in maximization as much as it may annoy the hell out of my family. I believe in maximizing the clothes that I have, maximizing the use of my products by squeezing every last drop of my face cleanser out of the bottle because, dammit that shit is expensive. Also, if you’re like me, you enjoy a good bargain but when you splurge on your clothing from time to time, you are going to get as many wears out of it as possible. Or is it just me?

When wintertime times hits it’s pretty typical to pack away the summer maxi dresses, spaghetti straps, the sandals, and shorts. So with wintertime commencing I made a choice this year and decided I’m not packing away the shorts. Nope. I’m going to wear the hell out of my shorts even in 4 feet of snow. Ok, maybe I’m lying but I think you get it.
Back to the topic at hand. I pulled out the shorts pulled out my tights, put them on and yelled to myself (yes guys, I yelled to myself) “oh shit, this could work!” Paired it with a crochet infinity scarf that I made a few weeks ago, some old booties, and a button down and made it work.

Hell, I might even wear it for Christmas.
You like? Let me know below. Until next time…


Top: Button down from Lane Bryant (old)

Shorts: Torrid

Booties: Guess

Earrings: Gift

Chunky infinity scarf: handmade by me

Bag: Dressbarn 

Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Got ‘Knocked Up’

So I’ve been doing this momming thing for about 7 years 3 months and 24 days, but who’s counting??? As awesome as its been so far, it has come with it’s challenges. So I’ve compiled a list of things I wish I learned before I became a mom and hopefully they will dete…… I mean guide you on what you should know before you become a mom.

  1. No one warned me that my breast could possibly suffocate my kid after she was born due to the amount of milk I was producing. That would have been great to know seeing as I hadn’t purchased bigger bras and ended up popping the wires to all of the ones I did have while damn near killing her in the process.
  2. When you stop breast feeding, it hurts like hell!
  3. Babies get gassy as hell! Holy fuck shit! There were nights my kid kept me up because the gas pain was so bad, that her only resort was to keep me up with her. She didn’t care if I had to be up early for work. I mean, why would she?
  4. Your “morning routine” will probably take double the amount of time it took before you had your kid.   IMG_2150
  5. Daycare for an infant can damn near equal out to a monthly mortgage payment. obamathrowingmoney
  6. The bigger they get, the more diapers cost AND less come in a package.
  7. Projectile shitting and vomit. I’ve caught it a few times.
  8. Buy a damn diaper genie because: Diaper Genies are life. Also, if you don’t buy one and think it’s ok to put it in your regular trash bin, your house will smell like horse shit. IMG_2151
  9. Don’t underestimate your kid. They will ear hustle your entire conversation even if you think they are engaged in their video game or whatever device they are playing with.
  10. They will only want to engage in activities they find interesting not what you want them to do.
  11. No matter how prepared you think you are, you are NEVER 100% prepared
  12. Your kid will fearlessly climb up on shit in search of having a good time.IMG_2149 or sit a on random things instead of a chair. IMG_2148
  13. They don’t need a bunch of toys to be entertained. Paper bags will do.IMG_2147
  14. There is a chance that your kid will take your shoes and walk around in them. IMG_2146
  15. At some point, they’ll think they’re too cool for you so cherish every moment with them.

Boston Curvy Fashion Week Experience

Although Boston Curvy Fashion Week is now in my rear view mirror, it wouldn’t feel right for me to not give a roundup of the event.

For years I would gripe about how there really isn’t much that goes on in Boston for curvy women and I’ll admit, I don’t have many “curvy” friends that care to ‘celebrate’ curves the way that I do. It was last year that I heard about Boston Curvy Fashion Week and broke out into a praise dance. About a minute and 33 seconds later I realized it fell on the same weekend as my bachelorette party (whoomp whoomp). Needless to say, I missed the event. So last week was the 2nd annual Boston Curvy Fashion Week and when I tell you NOTHING was going to stop me from attending, I firmly meant NOTHING was stopping me from being there.

Boston Curvy Fashion Week began with a kickoff party at Fashion to Figure in the South Shore Plaza in Braintree. It was hosted by the beautiful Char of Plus Size Beausion. Throughout the week BCFW hosted a few other events in Boston that I wish I had attended but Saturday was EVERYTHING. From the workshops to the Expo panel, to the runway show I had to fight with myself to contain my excitement. These beauties covered an array of topics that range from the plus size industry, healthy curves, to emancipating your curves!


Curvy Expo Panelist

              The BCFW Runway

The sheer talent that I discovered resides in and around Boston was prodigious! There were designers there such as the founder of Queens Know- Keisha Jean-Louis, who built her lifestyle brand as a way to encourage all women no matter their size to affix their crowns on their manes and be queens they were born to be. her brand incorporates clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Then there was LLeya P who was snatching wigs while premiering her Black Pearls Collection. She gave me the kind of curvy couture that’s about to have me take my bank account off of the diet I’ve had it on for a while. Also ripping the runway were acclaimed designers Fashion to Figure and Reb Dolls that premiered their latest must-have pieces in curvy fashion.

This event gave me more than I had bargained for. to know me is to know that i am not one that is easily impressed. Between workshops, networking, the panelist, the guest performances, and the runway show, I left there elated. The BCFW team ‘put on’ for their city. As previously stated on my Instagram, the founder Sandra Augustin had a dream and got together with like-minded women in the Boston area and spoke that dream into fruition. The team at BCFW have my utmost respect and I’m looking forward to next years event!


Photo-op with Curvy Babes


Char is a sweetheart!



Outfit details: Duster– Fashion to Figure Shorts- Torrid Shoes-Torrid Necklace- gift EarringsEtsy


A Curvy Girls Kicks

It’s summer time and I love wearing my cute sandals, wedges, and heels. I’m kind of what most people would call a ‘shoe hoarder‘. I have shoes that I purchased years ago that I have still yet to wear (I’m working on that). My collection is so bad that I’ve taken up 3 closets that are full of my shoes and still have an over the door shoe rack in my office. Even though I love shoes, there is nothing like a good pair of comfortable sneaker. Comfortable ones at that.

So I’ve spoken about my wide Fred Flintstone feet in a previous post. Having wide feet means that I can’t just comfortably stick my foot in every shoe. In the last few months, I discovered how comfortable air maxes were when my husband surprised me with a pair. It’s like walking on clouds. He realized how much I loved them so he stepped his game up even more and surprised me with a custom pair that he had made for me by Nike iD

I’m that weirdo with foot issues so I wear inserts with my sneakers. I can’t wear flats for too long or my feet will remind me who is boss. These make for great everyday wear sneakers. What I find cool about these is that Nike iD allowed him to customize the entire shoe. He was able to pick the colors, material he wanted different parts of the shoe to consist of, and he was even able to choose the lunarlon sole. 

The icing on the cake was him adding custom print on the back that represent my brand and my store!

I’m not a sneaker head but with all of these options that Nike iD offers when it comes to customization of your own comfy shoe, they can take all of my coins!

Last Night On The Lawn

Oh no! Another fashion post! Yes, another fashion post. 

Last night I went out with the husband for a suit and tie work event with his job. The “after party” outside was pretty damn fun. It was held over by The Lawn on D in South Boston. It was my first time going there and when I tell you it’s worth the trip and the 30 minutes of driving around South Boston to find a parking meter, it’s worth the trip and the 30 minutes of driving around South Boston to find a parking meter. The layout of the land on nice and I wanted to dive through the swings like I was superwoman but decided not to embarrass my husband in front of his colleagues. Another plus for me, I didn’t come home with any mosquito bites! Whatever the hell they are using to treat the area, I need that for my backyard!

So now let me get to the point. What I wore.

I didn’t want to show up overdressed or underdressed so I went with this dress I purchased from Fashion to Figure. Now I’ll admit, a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I’m not a big fan of the ‘quality’ of the fabric of most of their clothing. I did find though, that some of their pieces and pretty good. The one I wore last night for instance proved that for me. 

The dress fell over my gut and butt the way I wanted it to. I received a TON of compliments on it as though I designed it myself. I paired it with my comfy pewter color wedges from Torrid and my DIY clutch that I made earlier in the day. 

My favorite thing about the dress was that it was comfortable. Comfort is a big deal for me. The slip under the lace didn’t rise up on me or get caught in my ‘Swiss rolls’. I’d recommend this dress as an inexpensive but good buy. 

*this post is not sponsored. These are my own opinions* 

The look you make when you’re disappointed that you can’t dive through the “donut holes” because you don’t want to embarrass your husband.

Pure Happiness

Kisses & Pastels

Most days I wake up feeling fat and fabulous. This is definitely one of those days. It’s supposed to be Summer in about a week but here in New England, it’s been feeling more like fall. It felt so much like fall the other day that I started craving pumpkin beer but the kicker is that I don’t even drink beer :/ but I digress.

Since it is spring I decided to bring out the pastel colors. The top is a comfortable one that I found at Fashion to Figure (disclosure: I think that Fashion to Figure has very nice affordable clothing and does a good job when it comes to ‘keeping up with the trends’. My gripe with them is that they aren’t true to size most of the time and the quality of the fabric isn’t that great. So it’s basically a catch 22). I paired it with a pair of Torrid stiletto jeans and Torrid flats that I put Sof Sole arch supports in (I like many have foot issues and have a tough time with them when I wear flats). I decided to add one of my favorite accessories around my neck just to give my look some brightness. Honey, I was feeling myself! I’m blowing the kisses to prove it!

If you do recreate the look, please feel free to send me pics!



My 7 year old photographer caught me off guard.