In The Mood for Chicken but also Feeling a bit ‘Corny’



Have you ever scrolled through your timeline, saw a meal that looked so good that it made you want to lick your phone screen? Ok! So maybe not lick your phone screen because that would be pretty gross. Or how about this, have you ever seen food posted up by a restaurant and you went to that spot and ordered that exact meal and the taste didn’t live up to the hype of that photo? Did it make you feel like, “I could have saved this $20 and cooked that shit myself?” I can sympathize.


In my castle, we are foodies! Like, I’m talking big time picky foodies. Our expectations for food is pretty damn high. When we go out to eat, we set the bar high. Now that doesn’t mean that we prefer expensive restaurants because honestly, I’ve been to expensive restaurants and haven’t been impressed. If you really follow myself or my husband on Facebook or Instagram, you know and see firsthand that we enjoy cooking and entertaining. We get a lot of inquiries on what we’ve made and how we make it so we’ve decided to share that info with inquiring minds.


Let’s talk about getting corny… Around these parts (my castle), we love corn on the cobb! Last night the hubby threw some on the grill and topped it with stuff that I probably wouldn’t classify as healthy but it was so damn gooood. We also had it with chicken thighs in a marinade that he gets from our local meat market and his epic mac and cheese (that recipe is a whole other post for another day).


Get the recipe for the chicken and corn below:

Chicken thighs:

-Clean and season your meat (I’m Haitian and we, like may islanders usually clean our poultry before we cook it. That entails removing excess fat off of the chicken, rubbing it down with sliced limes, then pour hot boiling water over it allowing it sit for about a minute, then remove it and squeeze lemon juice over the poultry then add your seasonings).

-Marinate the chicken thighs in a marinade of you choice a few days in advance (we used Dom’s Marinade


-Grill the chicken until it is cook through. You can also baste it when you’re flipping it over.

-When the chicken is done cooking, allow it to rest (yes I said rest) for at least 5 minutes. I wouldn’t advise cutting into it immediately because the juices from the chicken will run out leaving your meat to dry out.




-soak your corn in cold water for at least 30 minutes (do not took the water you’ll need it later to cool your corn down enough to remove the husk after cooking it)

-peel back the husk to get the inedible silks off then cover the corn back up with the husk

-Get your grill up to an internal temperature of at least 400 degrees and cook your corn over the indirect heat for at least 20 minutes.


-While your corn is cooking, in a small sauce pan melt some butter and add garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, paprika, hot pepper flakes, and thyme


-When your corn is cooked through, remove it from the grill, place it in the water you had soaked it in to cool it down enough to remove the husk. Then put it back on the grill (yes I said put it back on the grill) over the heat.

-Baste your corn with the melted butter mixture you made for a few minutes until it develops color that makes it look mouthwatering good.




Food and pic cred. Martin Lightfoot


2 thoughts on “In The Mood for Chicken but also Feeling a bit ‘Corny’

  1. Madeline says:

    This looks AMAZING! NOW, I’ve never womanned the grill alone, but I’m pretty sure I can manage these! Coming soon…


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