You Can Prevent Forest Fires or just Chub Rub


You know that burning sensation you feel between your thighs? Not the STD type. Although, I will venture to say if you thought I was talking about that and you feel the burning further up between your thighs, you probably should go get that mess checked out. Back to my original question. That burning sensation you feel when you wear a dress, skirt, or shorts when your thighs marry and cause more friction then you can bare? Many of us have been there due to the condition commonly referred to as chub rub, known as the politically correct term ‘chaffing’. I’ve suffered from this ‘condition’ since I was a kid and didn’t think it was a common thing. One day I googled it and wouldn’t you know it, painful thigh rub is really a thing! So how do you prevent forest fires from happening between your thighs? Let me see if I can help.


Desitin– yes I said baby ass protectant cream! This stuff truly does work but it is pretty creamy between the legs (see what I just did there?). Personally, I don’t use it. I’m the clumsy fool that’ll apply it while wearing a black skirt then immediately touch my black skirt without thinking twice before washing my hands, but I digress. If you aren’t as clumsy as me, you should try it out. You can get this at your local drug store.


Solid Deodorant– this is my go-to choice. Why? Because I always have some on deck. Not only that but it works great, leaves no mess, and keeps you smelling pretty damn good down below. If for some reason you aren’t comfortable with using your deodorant, you can purchase:


Body Glide ‘For Her’– this stuff works as well as the deodorant method and does the same exact thing.

Body Glide

Monistat Complete Care Chafing Powder Gel– I’ve read “raving” reviews on this product. Not only do people use it for their chaffing problems, but some have even said they use it as a make-up primer! Now personally I don’t put just anything on my face but many do so do you boo boo. You can find this at your local drug store, Walmart, or Target.

monistat chaffing

Lush Cosmetics Silky Underwear– I swear by this stuff also. Last summer I knew I was getting married under the 90-degree sun so I purchased this for myself and all 8 (yes I said 8) of my bridesmaids. I would advise that you use this stuff with light colored clothing. I used it under my white wedding dress so it didn’t matter to me. Another plus, it smells good! You can purchase this at almost any Lush Cosmetics store or their website.

silky underwear powder

Good ole’ shorts or spanx that stop above the knee– this is another option that can be effective. The down side to this option is that it can get hot down there and give you swamp ass and no one likes swamp ass.


So there you have it. If you have more suggestions feel free to drop them below. If you tried any of the ones listed above, let me know what has worked for you.


*This post is not sponsored by anyone. Just my opinions*


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