DIY: Cakes. Cakes. Cakes. Cakes and Fondant


When I looked into how much the cake I wanted would be, I side-eyed every quote I got. You would have sworn I was celebrating her Sweet 16 instead of a 7 year olds party. Then I figured I like to DIY a lot of shit so I thought to myself, “Why not DIY a cake?” It didn’t help that my husband was egging me on to make it myself also.

Normal parents would pay for the party location if, it isn’t at home, then purchase a cake. Well I’m only partially normal. I paid for the location of the party but decided I was going to use my kid’s birthday cake as my fondant experiment. Oh yeah but did I mention how much I dislike the sweetness of fondant and initially didn’t want the cake to be made with fondant? So I got to work!

I baked my cakes, frosted them the day before the party. The day of the party I had to add the fondant. Now, I didn’t go into this blindly. I figured why not watch a few YouTube videos and see how it’s done. After watching a few videos, I fist bumped the wall and told myself, “Girl you got this!”

I woke up early that morning and walked my happyass downstairs to my kitchen with confidence oozing out of my pores. I pulled the fondant out of the packaging and touched it and it felt like tough dough. It wasn’t dry but it was tough. In every YouTube video I watched, the people handling the fondant made it seem as soft as fresh play dough but I kept on going. Took me what felt like forever to roll the fondant out but I did it. I should also note that, when working with fondant you must move quickly or it’ll dry out. After I rolled it out, I added it to both cake layers. That part involves a lot more concentration, in my opinion, because you want to make sure it sets correctly.

I decorated the cake with a bunch of fondant stars and created a free hand ‘Star Wars’ banner. I messed up on the ‘R’ in ‘Star’ but at that point, I was too far in to give a shit. I continued on until I was finished.

While doing this I learned a few things:

-I still dislike the sweetness of fondant

-don’t use fondant on a wood cutting board (it sticks and sucks to try and get out)

– you don’t have use fondant to achieve the fondant look (found this out later)

– I strive to be a perfectionist and need to cut that shit out

When I finished the cake, I disliked it. I disliked it because I felt I could do better. I contemplated tossing it out and not even letting the kid see it but then I remembered that I don’t believe in wasting food. My kid on the other hand didn’t give a shit about all of the imperfections that I saw. All she saw was the Star Wars cake that she wanted and that made me happy. Check out the pics below!



The place we had the party also provided a cake.


Dress is from Etsy:



3 thoughts on “DIY: Cakes. Cakes. Cakes. Cakes and Fondant

  1. Madeline says:

    I mean honestly, it looks great for your first time using fondant! BTW, what can you use in lieu of fondant yet still achieve that fondant look? I too despise fondant. Love the look, but I hate the taste. I like Italian meringue, traditional in Dominican cakes. Dominican bakers have gotten better at novelty decorating with it, but it still doesn’t look like fondant. I’ll still take it any day over fondant and regular buttercream tho!


    • thecurvycoalition says:

      Thanks! Sometimes I’m just really hard on myself when I know I can do better. You can use a preferred icing and just use food coloring to change the color. The key is having a good spatula to smooth it on. I LOVE Dominican cakes!


      • MADELINE MANON says:

        Well, they’re very similar to Haitian cakes, which I also love! It’s just we use real ingredients. You know, butter, eggs, milk… lol


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