Monday Musings


Monday Musings

  1. This weekend’s terrorist attack brought so many together but also brought out the ignorance in many people but I’m not surprised.
  2. Which brings me to this: If you spread hate, I don’t respect you. I have an exteremly low tolerance for ignorance
  3. I give not one flying fuck about an unwarranted opinion
  4. It’s spelled ‘Haitian’ not ‘Hatian’
  5. This weekend I learned that my mother-in-law has very little to no chill and I love her even more for that
  6. I suck with names but I never forget a face. I need to work on that.
  7. I am truly a big kid and act like one maybe a little more than I should
  8. Last week I tripped going up my steps in front of construction workers and they tried to hide their laugh so I laughed out loud then they joined in.
  9. Have I ever mentioned how clumsy I am?
  10. I walk into walls and my floor lamp almost every morning when I get out of bed.
  11. This presidential race has become pretty depressing
  12. Is there a rehab or treatment facility that can help me kick this ‘sweets’ habit? My addiction is pretty bad right now. All I want to do is eat some Oreos right now.
  13. Based on this weather we’ve been having it seems as though mother nature is on a power trip. Are you we going to have a summer or nah?

Until next time,

Stay Confident!


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