Kisses & Pastels

Most days I wake up feeling fat and fabulous. This is definitely one of those days. It’s supposed to be Summer in about a week but here in New England, it’s been feeling more like fall. It felt so much like fall the other day that I started craving pumpkin beer but the kicker is that I don’t even drink beer :/ but I digress.

Since it is spring I decided to bring out the pastel colors. The top is a comfortable one that I found at Fashion to Figure (disclosure: I think that Fashion to Figure has very nice affordable clothing and does a good job when it comes to ‘keeping up with the trends’. My gripe with them is that they aren’t true to size most of the time and the quality of the fabric isn’t that great. So it’s basically a catch 22). I paired it with a pair of Torrid stiletto jeans and Torrid flats that I put Sof Sole arch supports in (I like many have foot issues and have a tough time with them when I wear flats). I decided to add one of my favorite accessories around my neck just to give my look some brightness. Honey, I was feeling myself! I’m blowing the kisses to prove it!

If you do recreate the look, please feel free to send me pics!



My 7 year old photographer caught me off guard.



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