Last Night On The Lawn

Oh no! Another fashion post! Yes, another fashion post. 

Last night I went out with the husband for a suit and tie work event with his job. The “after party” outside was pretty damn fun. It was held over by The Lawn on D in South Boston. It was my first time going there and when I tell you it’s worth the trip and the 30 minutes of driving around South Boston to find a parking meter, it’s worth the trip and the 30 minutes of driving around South Boston to find a parking meter. The layout of the land on nice and I wanted to dive through the swings like I was superwoman but decided not to embarrass my husband in front of his colleagues. Another plus for me, I didn’t come home with any mosquito bites! Whatever the hell they are using to treat the area, I need that for my backyard!

So now let me get to the point. What I wore.

I didn’t want to show up overdressed or underdressed so I went with this dress I purchased from Fashion to Figure. Now I’ll admit, a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I’m not a big fan of the ‘quality’ of the fabric of most of their clothing. I did find though, that some of their pieces and pretty good. The one I wore last night for instance proved that for me. 

The dress fell over my gut and butt the way I wanted it to. I received a TON of compliments on it as though I designed it myself. I paired it with my comfy pewter color wedges from Torrid and my DIY clutch that I made earlier in the day. 

My favorite thing about the dress was that it was comfortable. Comfort is a big deal for me. The slip under the lace didn’t rise up on me or get caught in my ‘Swiss rolls’. I’d recommend this dress as an inexpensive but good buy. 

*this post is not sponsored. These are my own opinions* 

The look you make when you’re disappointed that you can’t dive through the “donut holes” because you don’t want to embarrass your husband.

Pure Happiness


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