A Curvy Girls Kicks

It’s summer time and I love wearing my cute sandals, wedges, and heels. I’m kind of what most people would call a ‘shoe hoarder‘. I have shoes that I purchased years ago that I have still yet to wear (I’m working on that). My collection is so bad that I’ve taken up 3 closets that are full of my shoes and still have an over the door shoe rack in my office. Even though I love shoes, there is nothing like a good pair of comfortable sneaker. Comfortable ones at that.

So I’ve spoken about my wide Fred Flintstone feet in a previous post. Having wide feet means that I can’t just comfortably stick my foot in every shoe. In the last few months, I discovered how comfortable air maxes were when my husband surprised me with a pair. It’s like walking on clouds. He realized how much I loved them so he stepped his game up even more and surprised me with a custom pair that he had made for me by Nike iD

I’m that weirdo with foot issues so I wear inserts with my sneakers. I can’t wear flats for too long or my feet will remind me who is boss. These make for great everyday wear sneakers. What I find cool about these is that Nike iD allowed him to customize the entire shoe. He was able to pick the colors, material he wanted different parts of the shoe to consist of, and he was even able to choose the lunarlon sole. 

The icing on the cake was him adding custom print on the back that represent my brand and my store!

I’m not a sneaker head but with all of these options that Nike iD offers when it comes to customization of your own comfy shoe, they can take all of my coins!


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