Boston Curvy Fashion Week Experience

Although Boston Curvy Fashion Week is now in my rear view mirror, it wouldn’t feel right for me to not give a roundup of the event.

For years I would gripe about how there really isn’t much that goes on in Boston for curvy women and I’ll admit, I don’t have many “curvy” friends that care to ‘celebrate’ curves the way that I do. It was last year that I heard about Boston Curvy Fashion Week and broke out into a praise dance. About a minute and 33 seconds later I realized it fell on the same weekend as my bachelorette party (whoomp whoomp). Needless to say, I missed the event. So last week was the 2nd annual Boston Curvy Fashion Week and when I tell you NOTHING was going to stop me from attending, I firmly meant NOTHING was stopping me from being there.

Boston Curvy Fashion Week began with a kickoff party at Fashion to Figure in the South Shore Plaza in Braintree. It was hosted by the beautiful Char of Plus Size Beausion. Throughout the week BCFW hosted a few other events in Boston that I wish I had attended but Saturday was EVERYTHING. From the workshops to the Expo panel, to the runway show I had to fight with myself to contain my excitement. These beauties covered an array of topics that range from the plus size industry, healthy curves, to emancipating your curves!


Curvy Expo Panelist

              The BCFW Runway

The sheer talent that I discovered resides in and around Boston was prodigious! There were designers there such as the founder of Queens Know- Keisha Jean-Louis, who built her lifestyle brand as a way to encourage all women no matter their size to affix their crowns on their manes and be queens they were born to be. her brand incorporates clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Then there was LLeya P who was snatching wigs while premiering her Black Pearls Collection. She gave me the kind of curvy couture that’s about to have me take my bank account off of the diet I’ve had it on for a while. Also ripping the runway were acclaimed designers Fashion to Figure and Reb Dolls that premiered their latest must-have pieces in curvy fashion.

This event gave me more than I had bargained for. to know me is to know that i am not one that is easily impressed. Between workshops, networking, the panelist, the guest performances, and the runway show, I left there elated. The BCFW team ‘put on’ for their city. As previously stated on my Instagram, the founder Sandra Augustin had a dream and got together with like-minded women in the Boston area and spoke that dream into fruition. The team at BCFW have my utmost respect and I’m looking forward to next years event!


Photo-op with Curvy Babes


Char is a sweetheart!



Outfit details: Duster– Fashion to Figure Shorts- Torrid Shoes-Torrid Necklace- gift EarringsEtsy



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