Things 2016 Has Reminded Me

It’s been great watching everyone talk about/blog about their year in review. I’ve gotten the chance to read about how so many have grown and evolved and it’s been truly inspiring. I’m so inspired that I’ve decided to talk about a few things that 2016 has reminded me of.

  1. Time.


One of the things that many, including myself, undervalue is the importance of time. Whether it is time to ourselves, time to get the ball rolling and working on making our dreams reality, or allowing the things or people that don’t really matter to us to occupy our time.


While this year has been pretty great to me, I spent most of it wasting a lot of time. When I created this blog I teetered back and forth with the idea of it. There were times I’d tell myself, “There are a kabillion (yes I said Kabillion and even spellcheck tried to correct me) other bloggers doing the same thing that I am doing, why just be another blogger/influencer?” I spent countless times convincing myself that I wouldn’t be successful at it so why bother. I look back at it now and realize I wasted a lot of time doing that and that is time that I can’t get back. Moral of the story, every minute wasted is time you can’t you can’t go back and retrieve.


  1. There are women who STILL do like to see other women win.


Yeah guys, this is still a thing. I had the chance to attend Boston Curvy Fashion Week this past summer and being there was such a great experience. It was there that I had a chance to meet and interact with other plus size bloggers, influencers, designers, models, etc. who were nothing short of encouraging. I enjoyed it so much I blogged about it here. Since that day I was reminded that there are women who share the same belief as me that, “There is room for all of us to win”.


  1. My chubbiness doesn’t stop me from shining.

Need I say more?

  1. I’m still too stubborn for my own damn good.


I am a creature of habit and can get very stuck in my own ways. Like some, I like to do things the way I know how to do it and I don’t care how efficient your way is I’m sticking to my way. Well, yeah, that doesn’t always work out so good in my favor. I’ve finally stopped shortchanging myself and I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to learn new ways to do things. I can still be a little bit stubborn but now instead of kicking the can straight down the road, I’ve decided to start kicking it up hills (just picture that image in your head for a second then maybe it’ll make sense).

5. In 2016, politics is still complete bullsh*t.


      6. My sarcasm heightens annually allowing me to laugh a lot more.


My sarcasm and assholithism (I made that word up. def. being witty and sarcastic all at once) has brought me so much happiness. I’ve allowed myself to not take everything so seriously and learned to allow life to play out how it does without worrying about the things that are out of my control.


There is so much more I can tell you that I was reminded of this year, but I have some more “New year, New me” sayings to go chuckle at.




The Curvy Coalition


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